Some of our Texas ladies recently gathered together for a time of community and deeper study during a regional retreat. This was led by Houston Leadership Coaches, Candace Caley and Izabella Boyd and they were joined by Beverly Pop, our Central Regional Director from Dallas. Many thanks to Margaret Stribling who opened her beautiful home on the Bay for the refreshing time of fellowship and discovery.

The ladies attending participated in talent reflection exercises, had prayer and study times together, and laughed and just had a great time. These retreats are intentionally focused to bring us closer together as we continue along the track of discovering our God-given purpose. Bonds are strengthened and new relationships are formed during these special times and we are able to go beyond our quarterly meetings with more personal discussion and reflection times. Next up will be our National Retreat in September in Seabrook Island, SC!

Browse some pictures from the Houston Retreat for our Central Region classes below: