From a desire to live on purpose with passion and a plan, Terri Ponce de Leon answered the call and stepped out in faith on January 1st of this year — moving her from career to calling as studied and learned in The Masters Program for Women. She resigned from NCF and launched Arise and Shine Transitional Living.

“I resigned after 13 years at NCF to answer the calling on my life.  Bob and Cheri Shank believed in me and here I am stepping out in faith with my husband to live the dream we prayed for, for 10 years.” – Terri

[Terri and her husband, Randy. She just recently got her 1st Harley Davison motorcycle so that she can ride side by side next to her husband of 25 years along the coast.  “Nothing Better” she says.]

From working with Bob Shank at NCF and being friends with TMPW Founder, Sandy Olsson, Terri had known about The Master’s Program for Women, but was waiting on God’s perfect timing to enroll. That time came and she is now set to graduate from the TMPW program this year. The material she learned from TMPW and the women she was surrounded with for the classes was God-ordained and played a part in launching her into her calling with Arise & Shine Transitional Living.

“Honestly, my TMPW group was individually hand-picked by God. Our Leadership Coach, Susan Birmingham, teaches and serves with all her heart and brings so much knowledge and experience to the group. We have become very close as a group and grown individually. Then of course, I mentioned before about starting it at God’s perfect timing–and it was the perfect time for me to pray, study and learn from the sessions and reading.” – Terri

Today, Terri is busy living out her passion with Arise & Shine Transitional Living (which she started with her husband, Randy) which provides a complete set of wrap around services so their clients can move from dependence to a fruitful life of purpose. Terri and Randy’s hearts broke from seeing the gap in government and services for women and children, and knew that with God’s help they could fill that.

“Women have nowhere to go when they complete a nine-month recovery program. They are not ready to take back their lives. The Church [big C] has to step in.” – Terri

Arise & Shine Transitional Living is about re-launching people into great lives. They believe that this goes beyond housing, but it takes a family atmosphere with access to a tight community of mentors and resources. Learn more by visiting their website HERE.

We are so excited to watch how God continues to lead Terri and work through Arise & Shine Transitional Living.


Learn more about Terri below:

Since 2005, Terri worked at NCF, the 9th largest grant-making foundation in the world, located in Irvine, CA. Terri has always been very passionate about generosity and giving while teaching the next generation. As a speaker, coach, and gift advisor, she loved serving her givers with their giving goals by providing them the best tax experts in the field that strategically review with their team the different options that can help them save tax dollars. This way, they could give more to the ministries they care about.

She is also a Chaplain & Head Deaconess at Hosanna Christian Fellowship and a CA state-licensed facilitator for court ordered Domestic Violence Programs, Addiction Recovery Programs, and leads the Women’s Outreach Ministry. As a result of the women growing in the community & wanting to participate in giving and serving these women and children, she founded the  Redeemed Women’s Outreach Ministry.

Since 2008, Terri has been serving in the community as the Vice President, Chair for Little House Inc, Addiction Residential Treatment Program. She has been serving alongside with her husband, Pastor Randy. They both currently launched a Non-Profit Org. Arise & Shine Transitional Living  where they provide housing and support for women (and their children) who are successful graduates of sobriety, addiction, and anger management programs and who are seeing a new way of life, to help them re-launch their lives.

Terri is also a facilitator for Journey of Generosity Retreats through Genereous Giving and the City Leader for Women Doing Well Initiatives for So. California.



We cannot wait to watch how God continues to use Terri and Arise & Shine Transitional Living!