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Sandy Olsson was working with Bob Shank at his Priority Living office when he began writing the curriculum for The Master’s Program. When he finished, Sandy and Bob’s wife, Cheri, went through the program with him and the curriculum really resonated with Sandy–in fact, she loved it! After they finished going through it, Cheri began teaching it to some of the wives of the men that were going through The Master’s Program with Bob. That is when God put it on Sandy’s heart to open up TMP to women in general–and Sandy said “Yes!” to God.  It was the year 2000, and Sandy needed one more “yes” before she could step out on faith to lead the course–this time from Bob Shank.  And so Sandy went to Bob and asked him if she could begin teaching TMP to women and Bob excitedly said “Yes!” With God’s urging and Bob’s blessing, Sandy and Anne Miller (who also worked for Bob) led the first class of 11 women in The Master’s Program for Women in the home of Rochelle Anderson (who would go on to become a TMPW Coach). The women loved it and one class led to another as TMPW began to grow. Then, after co-leading with Sandy for two years, Anne had to move and it would be solely up to Sandy if TMPW was to continue on.

“God said, “Are you ready to move forward with TMPW without Anne?” Gulp. But I took a huge step of faith and said “YES” once again. The Lord has been by my side every step of the way; opening doors of opportunity, raising up women & teaching coaches across the country.” – Sandy Olsson

The Master’s Program for Women was started and continued on because of Sandy’s obedience to God, passion for women, and her love for the curriculum.

At the end of 2017, Sandy stepped down as the National Director of TMPW and gave the role to Nadya Dickson. Today, the Master’s Program for Women has went from a founder-led movement to an international one– thriving not only in the U.S. (with new classes opening consistently in new cities), but expanding in Canada and India as well.

Sandy Olsson

Founder of The Master’s Program for Women in 2000

Sandy Olsson has worked in the business arena since the age of 19.  She found her niche in 2001, when she began teaching the Master’s Program for Women.  Sandy has found that many Christian women are ready to take the next step with their influence and taking their life from Success to Significance. Through The Master’s Program for Women, Christian leaders are passionately pursuing their unique Kingdom calling. Sandy and her husband Norm live in Southern California. They have three grown children and eight grandchildren. Sandy graduated from Chapman University with a Major in Political Science and a Minor in Law, she has worked on two Presidential Campaigns and continues to stay involved at the grass roots level. Sandy serves on the Leadership Team of Marketplace Women of OC and partners with organizations nationally that connect women with their purpose, passion and uniqueness.  Sandy is a Founding Member of the John Maxwell Team and is a Certified Trainer, Coach and Speaker for the JMT.  She is a member and officer of a local Toastmaster’s club and is very involved helping to provide homes in South Africa for abandoned HIV/AIDS infants and children.


Cheri Shank

Director of the Master’s Program for Wives

Cheri has taught The Master’s Program for Wives since 1997 as professional women and wives of The Master’s Program participants desire to learn how they can find their personal calling in the Kingdom. As Special Events Coordinator, Cheri oversees the Annual Priority Living Golf Challenge, and Dream Master Weekend Retreats for couples. As founder of the Safari Sisters, Cheri has traveled to South Africa yearly since 2005 taking women on a mission to help abandoned Aids/HIV babies. Cheri and her husband Bob live in Orange County, California and have two married daughters and five grandchildren.

Cheri and Sandy are both very involved with Safari Sisters, a group of women committed to supporting an Acres of Love Forever Home for abandoned Aids/HIV children in South Africa. To learn more, visit their web site at http://www.safarisisters.org


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