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At the Master’s Program for Women, we believe more than ever before that God is raising up women to become part of the solution toward revival and transformation nationally and globally. God is calling us to connect women with their unique Kingdom Assignment and with each other as they pursue God and His purpose for them; to work alongside and link arms with other men and women in the marketplace, our communities and the church, knowing who they are and whose they are with clarity and boldness. We believe that God is calling us to start campuses in every influence center of America and abroad to reach and connect these women. Our vision is a movement of Spirit-infused women who are all in, willing to fully steward their lives (influence, affluence, talent and touch), working collaboratively for the sake of the Call to complete the work of the Kingdom and do “the greater things in my Name” that Jesus promised.

Our mission is to coach women of influence to fully thrive in their God-given purpose. On the journey of clarifying their calling among like-minded women, our participants collectively grow through the process of practicing balance, identifying margin and developing focus, discerning the difference between busyness and fruitfulness.

  • Coaching women to THRIVE by finding and fulfilling their God given Purpose in life.
  • The Master’s Program for Women is structured similar to an executive graduate program. You are led deliberately through a process that brings the tools, training, outside resources, woman-to-woman interaction and real-life examples to help participants get the maximum experience out of a minimal time commitment of 4 group days a year for 3 years.
  • Among peers, The Master’s Program for Women helps each participant maximize her fruitfulness by coaching her toward a life of increased margin, decreased “busyness” and personal entrepreneurship.

Your Career is what you’re paid for.
Your Calling is what you’re made for.
Your job is what you’re hired for.
Your Kingdom assignment is what you’re wired for!

Consider beginning the best years of your life by enrolling in The Master’s Program for Women.

It’s time for you to think beyond the demands of your life today, beyond the criteria of your career, and the busyness that keeps you captive.

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