God made you for a PURPOSE

God planned you with a PASSION

God filled you with POTENTIAL

The Master’s Program for Women can help you live the Life God designed for you!


  • Clarify focus through self-discovery, self-awareness and personal entrepreneurship.
  • Enlarge your leadership capacity for new territories.
  • Recognize and leverage your unique God-given strengths, passion & potential.
  • Strategically pursue your Kingdom Calling and Significance.
  • Increase personal growth in all areas of your life through an understanding of Biblical Lifemastery.
  • Develop relationships with women who are on the same journey.


  1. 60 + hours of coaching in class
  2. 12 notebooks of curriculum
  3. Books
  4. 12-24 peer coaching meetings a year (in person or online) for fitness planning and prayer coaching
  5. Personal time with your Leadership Coach is available upon request
  6. Assessments
  7. An annual retreat and 2 network gatherings a year
  8. Tools for growth
  9. Worksheets for personal reflection
  10. Private FB Group for group interaction
  11. 3 years of relationship building and continued alumni opportunities
  12. Prayer support and encouragement

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