Arlene Bautista

Before she joined the Master’s program, Arlene Bautista felt stuck in neutral, unsure of what she wanted for her life, even though she was a high-achieving professional with a great job. Through the program, Arlene discovered not just how to positively influence her...

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Pam Emery

Pam Emery remembers the time before she and her husband went through Master’s as a stage characterized by instability, internal chaos, and working hard to keep up appearances. Through the program, Pam began to see life through new “filters” -- and learned how to...

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Laura Tucker

Laura Tucker joined the Master’s Program after watching her husband Caleb experience life-changing results from his enrollment. She was amazed by how much clarity and focus she gained about her life from the program, especially how she wanted to structure her...

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Shannon Reese

Shannon Reese, the daughter of Bob Shank (Founder and CEO of the Master’s Program), talks about how important it is not only to discover your unique contribution to God’s Kingdom, but to be faithful in all the critical realms of your life. She explains how the...

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Heather Gerhardt

When Heather Gerhardt watched her husband experience personal transformation through the Master’s Program, she decided to go through it herself. Before that, she and her family were busy from day to day but not living with purpose or an eternal focus. Now their...

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Deborah Mayes

Deborah Mayes was nearing fifty when she decided to enter the Master’s Program in pursuit of “something more.” Through the program, she recognized who God had made her to be and gained confidence in embracing her calling. She now encourages younger people to have...

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Our first Quarterly
Newsletter of 2018!

Welcome to our 1Q 2018 newsletter! We are in truly remarkable times. Do you see it? God is raising up Esthers, Lydias, Deborahs, Mary and Elizabeths, Annas and Rahabs…

What am I saying? Never before have I met and experienced so many on-purpose women with Jesus in their hearts and a fire in their bellies! These times require women who are ALL IN in and sold-out! Women who are prepared for great and mighty exploits and who are not afraid to DREAM BIG dreams with God.

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