Frequently Asked Questions

How do I enroll in The Master's Program for Women?
The web site provides the ability to enroll online or one can print the last page of the Program Summary PDF for an enrollment form that can be printed and faxed. Also, enrollment forms are made available at Introductory sessions. Lastly, upon request, an enrollment form can be sent to you through the assistance of our National Director, Nadya Dickson at (704) 796-3993‬ or
How have others benefited by completing The Master’s Program for Women?

“The Master’s Program shows us how to love God with our life.”
“I have gained a new way of looking at my life and ministry as a more integrated whole, rather than separate parts.”
“I knew after the first session I wanted to continue.”

What are some of the first steps people take to finding out more about The Master’s Program for Women opportunity?

Introductory session events occur in various cities in North America and Canada, after invitation from local representatives. This no obligation walk thru of Session #1 describes this kingdom-lifestyle program. Go to to learn more.

What is the time commitment for The Master’s Program for Women?

The Master’s Program for Women consists of twelve quarterly sessions over a three-year period (four days per year for three years).

Who is ‘the Master’ in “The Master’s Program”?

Jesus Christ is The Master of the Program. The Program is an exceptional opportunity for Christian business women and ministry leaders to discover their unique Kingdom Calling. The three-year curriculum construct addresses three primary themes of Balance, Margin & Focus that is essential for Kingdom leadership impact and growth in relationship with the Son of God.

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