Hear from some of our alumni about how
The Master’s Program for Women has impacted their lives.

Nadya Dickson Part 1

Nadya Dickson was not raised in any religion, but she found herself attracted to spiritual things. By the time she reached college, she had dabbled in the occult and adopted a party lifestyle. But God arrested her heart one December when a friend sat her down to tell...

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Nadya Dickson Part 2

Nadya’s early life in Christ was full of joy and zeal but lacked true substance. After the fervor wore off and a failed marriage, she discovered life changing truth in the midst of despair and hopelessness.

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Nadya Dickson Part 3

Once Nadya repented of her religious attitude and understood the grace of God, her relationship with Christ became about partnership, not perfection. When she joined the Master’s Program, she experienced a major paradigm shift, realizing that God was calling her to...

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Gail Jones

Gail Jones didn’t accept Christ until she was 42 years old, but after that point, she dove headfirst into church life, wanting to “catch up.” When she joined the Master’s Program, she gained a new appreciation for other female leaders who were like her. Since then,...

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Cheri Shank

Cheri Shank, wife of Master’s Program CEO and founder Bob Shank, talks about the art of giving and having a generous heart. She says that the real joy in giving comes from sacrifice. Cheri believes that couples who go through the Master’s Program together are at an...

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Sharman Dow

Sharman Dow was looking for something more in her corporate career when she met Bob Shank and joined the Master’s Program. Through the program, Sharman learned to balance her priorities and focus on developing her spiritual life. Now her corporate career funds her...

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