…a few words from our Graduates

The Master’s Program shows us how to love God with our life.

Kayleigh Bennett

I found myself intrigued by an entirely “new” way to view my life through God’s ways.

Patty Liu

I am very grateful for the relationships I developed with the women in our group, keeping the tempo allegro for me – delightful, motivating and thoroughly enjoyable.

Martha Greene

Certified Professional Life Coach, Coaching Fully Alive

I have gained a new way of looking at my life and ministry as a more integrated whole, rather than separate parts.

Janean Stripe

My family has been blessed by my participation, and I have discovered Purpose and Passion; the two elements I was desperately searching for.

Michelle Kargenian

This program saved my mind, my marriage and my purpose.  Beyond all of that, it has restored my relationship with God.

Gail Biggers

I knew after the first session I wanted to continue.  I am amazed at how it has changed my thinking and impacted my life.

Susan Parrish

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