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Welcome to The Master’s Program for Women

Is Your Life All God Created It To Be?

Where are we?

Orange County • Nova Scotia • Charlotte • Houston

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What do we have to offer?

Create a roadmap to your dreams

Have you ever wondered

“What’s Next?”

Not enough time?
I’m stuck and not growing!
The Master’s Program for Women can help you find the answers to these life-challenging questions and propel you forward into a new future with Kingdom purpose.

In your life

“What’s Missing?”

The Master’s Program for Women
can help you find the Courage to find You! The tools and structure of this program will help you find your Why and have better Balance, Margin and Focus in your life.

Where is God

“Leading You?”

Between the sisterhood of women
in the program nationwide and internationally, and along with partnerships and alliances with other strategic women’s organizations that are Kingdom focused, The Master’s Program for Women partners you with opportunities that can help you discover the future God wants you to have.

How have others seen

“Life Change?”

In their own words, graduates share how they have been impacted by the program.


Looks different for each of us.

Watch as The Master’s Program for Women’s (TMPW) National Director Nadya Dickson gives a brief introduction to TMPW. Through her presentation at the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, you will discover how this three year course, that has grown from classes in just one city to a nationwide program, has been set up to change your life.

Be inspired to master every realm of life as you follow in the footsteps of Jesus

Learn about the format and tools created exclusively for The Master’s Program for Women

Discover how to claim territory for the Kingdom of God by first taking territory on what is inside of YOU

If you recognize the way to serve God is to pursue the special calling he has created uniquely for you, then sit back and discover how personal leadership training with The Master’s Program for Women can help you do the very best for God and his kingdom.


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