Atlanta, GA
Charlotte, NC

Jill Milligan

Master’s Program for Women Leadership Coach

Jill Milligan is first and foremost a wife to Joel Milligan and a mom to 4 children and a grandmother of 7 grandchildren. They are her delight and each day brings a new blessing and an opportunity to grow. Recently she has been caring for her 3 year old granddaughter in the mornings and it has been such a delight to see life through her eyes.

She currently serves as President of The Exponential Group and the Director of Sales and Marketing for Teach Every Nation.

The Exponential Group is a non-profit organization that provides a comprehensive, multi-media fundraising experience for non-profits that seeks to raise more funds than they ever thought possible at their annual event. Jill has led the team to raise over 74 Million dollars in the past 4 years.

Teach Every Nation is a non-profit led by Dr. Bruce Wilkinson to train the untrained Pastors in the Global South who cannot access sound Biblical training. They currently are in 80 countries. Jill’s role is to market the material in the U.S. Market.

Previously, Jill was with Walk thru The Bible Ministries (a non-profit organization) for 26 years serving in many different leadership roles. She served as Director of Circulation for 3 years before being promoted to V/P of Circulation. Because of her success in growing the circulation area and increasing the efficiency of systems and distribution, she was promoted to be V/P of Seminars and Operations. Her skills of leadership and teambuilding enabled her to manage operations, marketing and partnerships with numerous denominations and ministries. She also served on the Executive Committee for 24 of those years.

She is also a recent graduate of The Master’s Program for Women, which has led her to be a part of launching an Atlanta Chapter.

She has served on several boards including Charlotte Awake Board, a city reaching ministry in Charlotte, N.C. and the National Lighthouse Committee with Mission America. Jill also is a speaker and teacher and has spoken for Christian Women’s Club, Christian Management Institute and the National Free Will Baptist. She was the leader of a Women’s Retreat Team called Freedom’s Call and teaches regular Bible Studies for Women in her church and community.


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