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At the Master’s Program for Women, we believe that God is raising up women for revival and transformation nationally and globally. God is calling us to connect women with their unique Kingdom Assignment and with each other as they pursue God and His purpose for them.

We do this by:

  • Connecting women in the marketplace, communities, and the church, who want to discover who they are and whose they are with clarity and boldness.
  • Starting campuses in every influence center of America and abroad to reach and connect these women. 
  • Working collaboratively for the sake of the Call to complete the work of the Kingdom and do “the greater things in my Name” that Jesus promised.

Our Vision

We see a movement of women who are all in, willing to fully steward their lives (influence, affluence, talent, and touch) because God is calling them to participate in revival and transformation throughout the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect and coach Christian women of influence to fully thrive in their God-given purpose. 

Our Objective

Our participants grow through the process of practicing balance, increasing margin and developing focus, thus discerning the difference between busyness and fruitfulness.

Core values:

  • Kingdom Focused Service
  • Collaborative Togetherness
  • Irresistible Joy in Christ
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Lifelong Transformation
  • Pursuit of Excellence
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